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"Christian Law Enforcement Chaplaincy: Theology and Practice" Training Seminar

June 12- 16, 2017
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

Christian Law Enforcement Chaplaincy—Theology and Practice, offers unique accredited training for chaplains, peace officers, and pastors, focusing on effective Christian ministry to and through law enforcement, including:

  • Adopting a sound biblical theology;
  • Understanding law enforcement as vocation (God’s calling);
  • Distinguishing and properly applying Law and Gospel and God’s Two Kingdoms within a law enforcement context;
  • Addressing practical, legal, historical, cultural and missiological considerations;
  • Employing Christian stress management and officer spiritual survival strategies;
  • Identifying characteristics of a competent Christian chaplain;
  • Chaplain Leadership and Communication Styles—Impacting LE Culture for Christ; and,
  • Department of Homeland Security Course Certification for Critical Incident Response
    - First Responder Level Training/Certification
    - DHS/FEMA ICS 100/200/700


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