"Christian Law Enforcement Chaplaincy: Theology and Practice" Training Seminar

2017 CLEC Photos by Christian Jones

June 12- 16, 2017
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

Peace Officer Ministries (POM) and Concordia Seminary, St. Louis will host “Christian Law Enforcement Chaplaincy—Theology and Practice,” June 12-16, 2017, on the Seminary campus. The workshop offers unique accredited training for chaplains, peace officers and pastors, focusing on effective Christian ministry to and through law enforcement.

Christian Law Enforcement Chaplaincy—Theology and Practice, offers unique accredited training for lay people, chaplains, peace officers, and pastors, focusing on effective Christian ministry to and through law enforcement, including:

  • Adopting a sound biblical theology;
  • Understanding law enforcement as vocation (God’s calling);
  • Distinguishing and properly applying Law and Gospel and God’s Two Kingdoms within a law enforcement context;
  • Addressing practical, legal, historical, cultural and missiological considerations;
  • Employing Christian stress management and officer spiritual survival strategies;
  • Identifying characteristics of a competent Christian chaplain;
  • Chaplain Leadership and Communication Styles—Impacting LE Culture for Christ; and,
  • Department of Homeland Security Course Certification for Critical Incident Response
    - First Responder Level Training/Certification
    - DHS/FEMA ICS 100/200/700
  • There are some scholarships available. Check out the Terri Ruffatto Memorial Scholarship for seminary students and recently called pastors.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) course component fulfills DHS guidelines for first responders. The critical incident stress management section fulfills basic group debriefing requirements from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF). Please note: Instructors and curriculum subject to change.

Rev. Frank Ruffatto, executive director and chaplain of POM, will serve as the introductory speaker Monday morning. Other presenters include officer Donald King, Rev. Richard Norris, Michael Dahmer, Chief Daniel Dusseau, Dr. Thomas Mijares, Dr. Dave Minionis, Chad Montgomery, Rev. Stephen Lee and Steven Ruffatto.

LCMS Office of National Mission Scholarships
Limited scholarships may be available for Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) pastors and church workers, made available by the LCMS Office of National Mission. Contact ce@csl.edu for more information.

The Terri Ruffatto Memorial Scholarship awards scholarships to LCMS seminary students based on an express interest in practical theology in the area of chaplaincy. The scholarship funds cover Christian Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Seminar tuition, and room and board to attend the seminar.