About this Bible

A peek inside Peace Officer Ministries 5.0 Tactical Edition Bible

Section One: The Path to Peace for a Peace Officer

  • How can I have hope?
  • Why should I listen to God?
  • How can I deal with stress and find peace?
  • What are the keys to personal and relational stability?
  • Can a Cop be a Christian?
  • How do I reconcile “an eye for an eye” with “turn the other cheek?”
  • How is the Good Lawgiver connected to good law enforcement?
  • How can I have eternal life?
  • Who is the Greatest Peace Officer?
  • How can I have a relationship with God?
  • Why does God allow evil and tragedy?

Section Two: God’s Word, Our Backup Book
A bible study guide that applies God’s Word to officers

Section Three: Meditations
Prayers for officers and chaplains, post 9/11 reflections on “Dealing with Disaster,” and “On Suicide.”

Section Four: “To Protect and Serve”
Comments about the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, the Oath of Office, the First Amendment, and the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics – from a Christian and biblical perspective.

Section Five: Spiritual “10 Code”
The Ten Deadly Sins Against Officer Survival and the Ten Characteristics of Christian Officers and Chaplains.

Section Six: A Detective's Story
Executive Director and Chaplain, Rev. Frank C. Ruffatto gives personal insight into his story and calling into the ministry after more than 20 years served as a peace officer.

Questions and Answers About POM’S New Tactical Edition Bible

How did we choose the topics covered in our new intro?

The simple answer is that every topic covered addresses an important issue officers commonly confront, and which I have dealt with myself over the years as an officer and chaplain. This Bible edition is designed to be a tactical weapon for our spiritual warfare!

What is our vision for this Bible in the future?
We want to make this Bible known to officers every-where, and available to every officer who wants one.

What are the challenges we face in this Ministry?
Producing our monthly newsletter ("The Renewed Centurion"), replenishing our stock of Bibles and books and maintaining a modern office to handle inquiries, orders, and related financial needs is costly, but we are trusting God and our faithful supporters. We do need your help! POM's faith ministry receives no support except for your faithful prayers and generous donations.





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