Houston Flooding, Part 2

They do things big in Texas, like floods.  Houston is the only place I know that has flood gauges—reading 15 feet or more—in many city underpasses.  I heard harrowing survival stories as I drove flood victims to and from their devastated homes to The Word Church to pick up life-sustaining food, water and clothes.

One lady from Greenspoint (nicknamed “Gunpoint” due to the high crime rate in this low-income part of town) told me about people swimming for their lives at 3 a.m. through the torrential downpour: “He swam from the roof carrying a baby on his head, and his head kept going underwater...I could hear children crying and screaming...”

“He swam from the roof carrying a baby on his head, and his head kept going underwater... I could hear children crying and screaming...”

Troy and Andrea are decent people who struggle to survive even under normal circumstances.  He is legally blind.  She has a walker.  They have a first-floor apartment because of their handicaps—under flood conditions a potential death trap.  They swam for their lives in the middle of the night.  He needed her to be his eyes in the storm.  She needed him to be her legs struggling through 4 feet of rising floodwaters.  If they lost each other both would have died.

The only relief workers I saw at Collingwood Gardens Apartments in Greenspoint were my partners from Houston’s The Word Church.  Houston PD was also there providing security (I gave our Peace Officer Ministries’ Bibles to officers).  Thanks, Pastor J.T. Johnson, for your heart for the poor victims.  Thanks, Houston PD, for protecting us all.  Thanks, Vicar Curtiss Lanham, and our other Houston friends, for your backup.  Thanks, QRT partners, for making our work possible.

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Posted on May 12, 2016 and filed under Field Report, Critical Incidents, Spiritual Care.