Dallas Deployment

July 10-16, 2016

Chaplain Frank Ruffatto, Chaplain Stephen Lee, Pat & Cherry Quinn with comfort dog Shiloh deployed to Dallas, Texas in response to the shooting of Dallas Police Department Senior Cpl. Lorne Ahrens,  Dallas Police Department Officer Michael Krol,  Dallas Police Department Sgt. Michael Smith, Dallas Area Rapid Transit Officer DART Officer Brent Thompson, and Dallas Police Department Officer Officer Patrick Zamarripa

The team was invited to work from Dallas Police Headquarters and was welcomed to be a part of all events of the week following the shooting.

The team attended a vigil at Dallas City Hall to work with officers and families as needed, and was invited by Dallas PD Command Staff to attend all wakes, visitations and funerals.

Additionally, the team was invited to attend a debriefing at the Dallas PD Southwest District sub-station. Three of the officers killed and three officers wounded were from one shift in that division (part of what is called “Foxtrot”—an amalgamation of patrol and SWAT functions). They were able to address the officers during roll call, provide guidance, and offer them POM Bibles.

Shiloh Comfort Dog also had the opportunity to comfort dispatchers at the 911 dispatch center.

Our chaplains were also able to meet with local pastors and give them (at their request) some briefing to better equip them in helping the officers at the Southwest Division.

QRT Partners gathered at the Dallas Police Association (the fraternal organization for DPD officers). Officers from Dallas and around the country gather there following the visitations and funerals for rest, relaxation and camaraderie.

[A special thank you to Marsha Flesch of Quick Response Team Ministries for providing notes which informed this report. -KSR]


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