Our Ministry Projects


Resource Development

P.O.M. develops and prints the ministry’s flagship resource, The Peace Officer Ministries Bible 5.0 Tactical Edition Bible. Additionally, P.O.M. welcomes development opportunities for additional resources to minister to the law enforcement community, such as Bible studies, devotionals, and other
training materials.



P.O.M. provides police and chaplaincy training to people who wish to minister to peace officers. Concordia Seminary partners with P.O.M. to offer this training annually with expert presenters who equip and train participants in the theological and practical applications of law enforcement chaplaincy.


Spiritual Care

Benevolent Line of Duty Death Bibles

Upon notice of a line of duty death, and if financial resources are available, P.O.M. sends a Tactical Edition Bible and letter to the department expressing our sympathy on behalf of the ministry and partners. The Bible is to be given to a co-worker or family member at the department’s discretion as an expression of comfort and support.

Critical Incident Response

When invited, P.O.M. responds to crisis incidents all over the world to support first responders by providing expertise in stress management and spiritual care.