Our Story

We know that law enforcement officers daily engage in difficult and dangerous work. They are exposed to very high risk physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. These officers need our support. Sometimes we too, the people they faithfully serve, unfortunately experience crises. Law enforcement chaplains help everyone, especially during difficult and dangerous times. 

Peace Officer Ministries, Inc. (P.O.M.) is a Christian law enforcement chaplaincy ministry that provides direct help during these times of trouble. P.O.M. also serves as a chaplaincy resource for officers, chaplains, police agencies, churches, and communities. We provide spiritual care, consulting, training, and written materials (including a special edition tactical Bible for officers). P.O.M. is a charter member of the Association of Lutheran Mission Agencies, and is a referral organization for Focus on the Family.


Our Mission

In keeping with our Lord's Great Commission, Peace Officer ministries brings the saving and strengthening Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many as possible, and especially to peace officers and their families, through law enforcement chaplaincy. Matthew 28:19-20

Our Means

We believe that the Bible is the only authoritative and life-giving Word of God. Its truths form the foundation on which we minister." II Timothy 3:14-17

Our Motive

Peace officers are God's servants, through whom he maintains law and order in society. We all have a duty to honor and support them (Romans 13: 1-7). Christians have an additional motive for serving those who protect and serve us, because the love of Christ compels us to be his ambassadors to everyone (II Corinthians 5:14-21). Officers and those with whom they work are deeply affected by mankind's failure to keep the law of God.
Because of their exposure to this failure and its consequences, officers especially are at a high risk. The Law is good, but because of our sinful nature, it is powerless to overcome sin and death. The Law fails as the source of spiritual life. Because of this all people, including peace officers and those with whom they work, need the healing and nurturing life of Christ." Romans 8:3

Our Method

In keeping with our best standards and practices goals, Peace Officer Ministries is led by Biblically qualified (I Timothy 3), trained, called and ordained pastors who have also served with honor and distinction as sworn, experienced law enforcement officers.

  • We strive for world-class professional competence and evangelical excellence. We seek to provide the best support and response possible with our God-given capabilities.
  • We practice pastoral commitment, consistency, and confidentiality II Timothy 4:1-2.
  • We serve when and where invited or permitted (I Peter 3:15b-16a). We serve everyone without discrimination (John 3:16), and make referrals when appropriate. We selflessly forge partnerships where needed and proper.
  • We always strive to serve within the law and law enforcement agency guidelines. We seek to be gracious to all, including those who disagree with our beliefs.
  • We do not compete with the ministry of the local church, but always seek to serve it. The development and practice of Christian law enforcement chaplaincy in the United States and around the world is a chief object of our prayers and the goal of our work.