True stories about The Peace Officer Ministries Bible: 5.0 Tactical Edition

In the POM office we once had in Colorado Springs, there was a map of the United States on the wall. We put pins on the map in every place we shipped Bibles or provided some other kind of ministry, and the map was full of pins – except in two noticeable areas. At that time, Utah had only one lonely pin, one stuck on I-70 in the eastern part of the state (where I gave a Utah state trooper a Bible . . . but that’s another story). The other place with few pins was the northeast United States, especially the New York area. I prayed for two years about New York, because there are so many officers in that area, and I knew they needed “GOD’S WORD for Peace Officers.” In June of 2001, I was finally able to send some Bibles to Police Officers for Christ at NYPD. Then 9/11 hit, and we eventually gave 13,000 Bibles to New York. Our 9/11 ministry there turned out to be our biggest ever.

These are just a few of the many stories and testimonies I often hear that illustrate the impact this unique Bible edition has had over the years. There is no other edition like this Bible in the world. We need to place even more of these in the hands of officers.

- Rev. Steve Lee, Founder

The accident victim was dying right in front of her, and she couldn’t do a thing about it. The officer, who was a new Christian, wanted to pray for the person, but didn’t know what to say. She contacted me afterward and asked if I had a prayer for such situations. After reminding her that God hears all our prayers prayed in faith, no matter how new we are to that faith, or how awkward we feel about praying (Romans 8:26-27, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Hebrews 4:14-16), I sat down and wrote a prayer for her to use. We’ve included that prayer in our new Tactical Edition of GOD’S WORD for Peace Officers Bible.

The officer was having a bad day. As he drove into the station, he slammed his fist against the steering wheel and cried out, “Doesn’t anyone care? Don’t you care, God?” Preoccupied with problems, he parked and got out of the car. On his way into the station house, the department chaplain “just happened” to walk by, and stopped him without knowing the turmoil the officer was going through. He offered him a “GOD’S WORD for Peace Officers” Bible and said, “I’ve been passing these out to the officers who want one. I’d like to give you one to say thanks for all your hard work, and let you know I care.” The chaplain later told me the officer was so moved he broke down.

”In my heart I was very much passioned and moved when I met the person who gave me that Book. It is THE Book that we should all have, because our lives are at risk daily. I pray to God that I am able to pass on the message of that Book - GOD’S WORD for Peace Officers - to all my countrymen, but more so to our peace officers and our firefighters.”

— Curwin Callender Firefighter, Trinidad & Tobago

“GOD’S WORD for Peace Officers is the first complete Bible that Police Officers are begging to receive. Officers who would normally not take a Bible are not only taking this Bible, but reading it.”

— Detective Ana Alvarez NYPD

“As I began to look through the Bible and read Chaplain Steve Lee’s commentaries, I knew I had something very special. I began to distribute them. Some of the officers were Christians and were very happy to receive it. Many of the officers were not Christians and as I gave them the Bible several openly wept.”

— Chaplain Jim Mantooth Cherokee County Sheriff's Department Canton, Georgia

“I’m really inspired by the new Bible... As an academy instructor for my department, I often get a chance to discuss my faith and how important God’s Word can be to an officer... Could you send me one more Bible? I have someone in mind who needs it.” (Letter written in March of 1999)

— Sgt. Richard "Rick" Weinhold St. Louis County Police Department Saint Louis, Missouri (Missouri Police Instructor of the Year, killed in the line of duty 10/31/00, Medal of Honor awarded posthumously)
“This particular Bible is formatted in a way that grabs the law enforcement professional’s mindset. It shows them through the preface and the different helps in the beginning that God is there, no matter what kind of situation we are facing as a law enforcement officer.”

— Lieutenant Jay Varney Lansing Police Department, Michigan

“Thank you for the copy of God’s Word for Peace Officers... I appreciate your thoughtfulness, and I am grateful for your dedicated service to our nation. May God bless you, and may God continue to bless America.”

— President George W. Bush

“I must thank you for the very generous donation of copies of “God’s Word for Peace Officers” which were distributed to officers at Ground Zero and also to the family members of officers who died in the line of duty at the World Trade Center... Please convey my gratitude, on behalf of the New York City Police Department, to your colleagues at Peace Officer Ministries.”

— Chief Joseph J. Esposito NYPD

The homicide investigator, who was also a new Christian, knew he had the right murder suspect, but she stuck to her alibi. She claimed she had been home reading the Bible to her children when the murder was committed. The officer asked her what she had been reading. She replied, Proverbs.” The officer remembered that his captain had a GOD’S WORD for Peace Officers Bible sitting on his desk, and went to get it. After returning to the interrogation room, he asked the female suspect what chapter in Proverbs she had been reading. She said, “Chapter 31.” He flipped open the Bible to chapter 31, and later told me the hair stood up on the back of his neck at the first verses he saw: “Speak out for the one who cannot speak, for the rights of those who are doomed. Speak out, judge fairly, and defend the rights of oppressed and needy people.” Proverbs 31:8-9

He read the verses to the suspect, and then reminded her she claimed to be a believer, and supposedly honored God’s Word. He told her God was speaking through his Word to her at that very moment, and she needed to listen to God and obey him. He said it was his job as an investigator to “speak out for the one who cannot speak, for the rights of those who are doomed” - for the murdered man - and she needed to confess . . . and she did! The defense attorney later made a stink about the method used to get her confession, but he didn’t get to first base with the judge. You can find the above Scripture passage in our new Tactical Edition Bible on page 579.

”GOD’S WORD for Peace Officers is a wonderful tool in the hands of every Christian cop all over the world, but also in the chaplain’s hands, because it is a direct application of the Word of God towards the world and environment of law enforcement. It is applicable to every situation that a police officer is involved in. With the Word in our hands, and the wonderful opportunity, we are so excited to know that this Bible is able and capable of changing the lives of cops all over the world. It is a small gift that can really change a nation - that is how big the vision is!”

— Why Duvenhage South Africa Christian Police Association